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The new and updated museum is being launched here page by page.

The former museum at has been closed.  Thanks to all the 450.000 vistors!

Welcome to the this museum!

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· L-4B conversion to 6m (50-54MHz)


· How to clean the PTO mechanism on your 4-C line


· TR7: How to transmit 1.5—30 MHz with or without AUX7


· TR7: How to receive 0—1.5 MHz with or without AUX7


· TR7: Do an AM-filter


· Cable TR7 R7


· How to fix your TR-4


· How to fix your T-4XB


· How to fix your R-4 / R-4A


· Drake Mods

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This picture was used on the frontcover on one of Drake’s logbooks. All the logbooks and some original design-drawings of the fronts will be added later.

”DIPLOMAT” Communi-cations Desk furnished by Design Industries, Inc., Dallas, Tx.

Photo and original negative are items in my collection. Click to enlarge.

Photo: R.L. Drake Company.

Some of the extremely rare Drake radios to be presented here at

                          The R.L. Drake Virtual Museum.

TR-5 Transceiver

TR8 Transceiver (2nd protype)

1st prototype will be shown too!

L85 Power Amplifier

TR-H Maritime HF-transceiver

TR-V Maritime VHF-transceiver

TRC-234 Maritime HF-transceiver

Tekstboks: Tekstboks: The Information That Drake Left Out !
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By Garey Barrell, K4OAH.



34 high-quality pictures were found recently. They are from the Drake plant when it was located in Miamisburg, Ohio. The pictures were taken when the 4-B line was still under production.


The pictures with some comments will soon be added to The Drake Virtual Museum here.


Welcome back to take a closer look!

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